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The Company

Konsortium-Merino came into being in 2001 with four breeders selling 78 rams on one auction. Today they sell the most rams on official ram sales in our country and they have bettered the SA record, for turnover at a Merino ram sale, six times.

The outcome of this growth and endeavour for excellence, resulted in the Konsortium-Merino company being established in May 2005. The shareholders are John Luscombe, Gawie van Heerden and the WS van Heerden Family Trust.

The Konsortium team’s passion and enthusiasm for their venture is contagious. Add to this a well thought out business plan, commitment and integrity and you have a winning combination. This team has vision. They are focussed on the improvement of the Konsortium-Merino type and the entrenchment of their trademark to ensure growth and prosperity for the whole Konsortium family.

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