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The Breeders

Konsortium-Merino evolved in 1996 from a unique partnership between four Merino breeders from Victoria West. An idea, spontaneously kindled around a braai fire, has since sparked one of the Merino industry’s greatest genetic successes.

When Gawie van Heerden of Dombietersfontein-Merino’s, John Luscombe of Grove-Merino’s, Vetties Esterhuizen of Victoria-Merino’s, and Lukie Erasmus from Brandewynskuil agreed to pool their top stud rams, it was the start of a success story. Today Konsortium annually sells the most Merino rams on official sales in the country and boasts the SA record turnover for a Merino ram sale.

In 2002 Phil van der Merwe, a legendary sheep and wool expert, retired after 42 years of service with wool broker BKB. He then joined the Konsortium as the fifth breeder. Phil passed away in September 2014, but his Merino legacy lives on.

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