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Stud rams

The Konsortium’s stud rams are being bred in harmony with nature. They clearly stand out in a flock with regards to their wool and conformation traits. This well adapted Merino boasts a unique combination of qualities. It is a big, virile sheep with a low micron and outstanding wool length - the type that puts money in the farmer’s pocket.

To breed the ideal Merino is a challenge, as the breed’s most important economic attributes correlate negatively with each other. The bigger the sheep, the stronger the wool. The more wool a sheep carries, the shorter its wool. Fine wool again, is generally produced on smaller sheep.The Konsortium-team’s goal to breed a fine wool Merino, without compromising size and reproduction, is therefore monitored closely. They place a lot of emphasis on a uniform fleece. A ram that is strong in the breech is not considered at all.

Speciality rams that have an exceptional quality, are used for complementary matings. Occasionally stud rams from outside breeders are used as a comparative control to ensure the team is still on the right track. "We are happy with our progress thus far. It is important to maintain the fine balance between low micron and conformation, and we will continue to do that."

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