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Stock monitor (computer programme)

Stock Monitor is a computer programme which is developed for Konsortium-Merino, in consultation with IIQ Consultants to aid stock farmers. This project is being financed by both parties and managed by IIQ.

The aim of this stock management programme is to enable the Konsortium-Merino farmer to capture his stock numbers accurately and to measure his production. The animal production data will be gathered annually and then returned to the farmer, together with group averages (these are per district).

The stock management programme includes all herbivorous animals, but production data will only be entered for cattle, sheep and goats. Game will only be recorded once to ascertain the ratio between game and domestic animals. Stock numbers, rainfall, sales, purchases, losses, consumption, births and wool production are recorded monthly for every production year. The system ascertains the total production value of every enterprise (woolled sheep or beef cattle) from information fed in monthly by the farmer. The direct costs of the enterprise are also entered annually to calculate the gross margin.

Typical information which will be forthcoming from this system: grazing capacity; rainfall; stocking rate; stock increases; kilogram wool and meat per hectare per LSU/SSU; accurate sales data and info (income per animal, slaughter %, marketing age); management of losses (theft, predators); the measurement of reproduction (rams to ewes, weight of ewes, scan %, lambs born per ewe mated/scanned, lambs weaned per ewe mated/scanned/lambed; kg liveweight weaned per kg ewes mated; Rand per ewe weaned less feed costs); and the measurement of direct costs.

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Stock monitor

For accurate stock figures and animal production with comparative data.

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