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Previous Production Sales

17 February 2005

A total of 105 rams sold for R3 000 and less - 52 of these sold for floor price (R1 500). The average price paid for 161 rams was R3 106. Prices were definately influenced by the rain,  which had been falling since the previous day. The rams were all exhibited outside in the rain and looked a bit bedraggled. 

The highest priced ram of R27 000 was bought by Lourens van Heerden from Bella Vista, Tarkastad and Hennie van Heerden from Van Vuurenshoek, Hofmeyr. Derick Erasmus, from Stutterheim, paid the second highest price of R18 000. The 760 ewes on the auction, sold for an average price of R649.

Price range Total of rams sold
R1000 - R3000 105
R3100 - R5000 35
R5100 - R7000 13
R7100 - R10 000 4
R10 100 - R15 000 1
R15 000 + 3
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