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Previous Production Sales

16 February 2012

Farmers from Victoria-West joined forces to buy this ram for the highest price of R47 000 at Konsortium-Merino's 22nd productiuon sale on the farm Dombietersfontein, Victoria-West. To date it is the most paid for 'n Konsortium-Merinoram. Hennie van Heerden and his brother, Isak, Jaco de Bruyn and his brother, Wouter, Pietman van Heerden and Perdjie Lubbe bought the studram.

A total of 298 rams were sold at an average price of R5 479. More than half of the rams (164) were sold for R5 000 and less, 115 rams fetched between R5 000 and R10 000 and 19 rams went for more than R10 000. The second highest price of R19 000 was paid by Hennie Bester, Inverness, Victoria-West. The 580 ewes on offer averaged R1 603 each. The highest price was R2 100 per ewe for a group of pregnant branded ewes. Jakkie Nel was the auctioneer and KVB, from Victoria West, handled the sale.

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