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Previous Production Sales

17 February 2011

At the 20th Konsortium-Merino production sale a veld ram was sold for R26 000 to Wimpie Scheepers Trust from Beaufort-West. A total of 262 rams were sold at an average price of R4 981. Eight rams fetched R20 000 and more, of which Wimpie Scheepers Trust bought three.

The second highest price of R25 000 was paid by Trio-Merino’s from Springfontein. In total 49 rams were sold at the floor price of R2 500 and 109 rams went for R3 000 and less. The 663 ewes on offer averaged R1 487 each. The highest price was R2 525 per ewe for a group of pregnant branded ewes. Jakkie Nel was the auctioneer and KVB, from Victoria West, handled the sale.

PrysklasRamme verkoop
R1 000 - R3 00089
R3 100 - R5 00075
R5 100 - R7 00085
R7 100 - R10 00030
R10 100 - R15 00011
R15 000+8
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