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Previous Production Sales

14 February 2008

Konsortium-Merino surpassed all expectations on their 14th production sale. The 201 rams on offer were all sold at an average price of R6 883 - resulting in a new record turnover of R1 383 450. This is the third time in a row that Konsortium-Merino has bettered the South African record for turnover from a Merino ram sale.

The highest price was R31 000. Albert van Heerden from Van Vuurenshoek, Hofmeyr, Lourens van Heerden from Bella Vista, Tarkastad, and Michael Lord from Souverein, Hofmeyr, joined forces to purchase this silver merit ram.

Hennie Coetzee and Altus Geldenhuys from Steynsburg paid R27 000 for the second highest priced ram. Hot on their heels were the next two rams which fetched R25 000 each. The buyers were Kosie van der Merwe from Tweerivier, Sutherland and Neville Grobler from Zonderhout, Springfontein, respectively. 

The 1 271 ewes on the auction were sold for an average price of R953 each, with the highest price of R1 750 per ewe for pregnant ,full mouth stud ewes. More than 300 visitors, from far and wide, attended the auction held on the 14th February. Being Valentines Day, also enticed a number of the fairer sex to attend the sale. BKBLouwid was the auctioneers.

Price range Total of rams sold
R1000 - R3000  31
R3100 - R5000  43
R5100 - R7000  59
R7100 - R10 000  44
R10 100 - R15 000  13
R15 000 +  11
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