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Previous Production Sales

6 September 2007

South Africa's record turnover for a Merino ram sale was shattered at Konsortium-Merino's 13th production sale, when the breeders improved their previous best by R147 550.

The 187 Konsortium rams were all sold at an average price of R6 763, for a new record turnover of R1 264 700. The highest price paid was R40 000 for a merit ram. This ram has a BLUP breeding value of 5.1kg for body mass. He was bought by two farmers from Loxton: Melt van den Heever from Duikerfontein and Boetie van der Westhuizen from De Hoop.

The second highest price of R36 000 was paid for a silver merit ram. The buyers were Michael Lord from Souverein, Hofmeyr and brothers, Lourens van Heerden from Bella Vista, Tarkastad and Albert van Heerden from Van Vuurenshoek, Hofmeyr.

Hot on their heels were another group of Hofmeyr farmers: Tommy Roux and his sons, Piet and Jakkals Roux, Pierre and Kobus Marais, Matt Philps and Johan Froehlich. They paid R34 000 for a silver merit ram.

Herman Venter was the lucky one to walk away with the Honda Bushlander. Approximately 340 people attended the sale. The 2 088 ewes fetched an average price of R859 with the highest price being R1 400 for pregnant stud ewes.  

Price range Total of rams sold
R1000 - R3000  10
R3100 - R5000  51
R5100 - R7000  81
R7100 - R10 000  27
R10 100 - R15 000  12
R15 000 +  6
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