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Previous Production Sales

7 September 2006

The 144 rams at the 11th Konsortium production sale, were sold for an average of R6 093. The highest priced ram of R20 000, was bought by a group of Hofmeyr farmers. They are Tommy Roux of Allemansvlei and his sons, Piet and Jakkals Roux, Pierre Marais of Vrolikskraal and his son, Kobus, Matt Philps of Grootdam and Johan Froelich of The Pines.

Since 2004, this group of farmers have twice bought the highest priced rams for R30 000 and R20 000. On four occasions they have bought the second highest priced rams for R17 500, R19 000, R20 000 and R30 000. The positive impact that Konsortium-Merino has on their flocks, keeps them coming back for more. 

Mike de Villiers of Eselsfontein and Gerhard Viljoen of Elandspoort, both from Richmond, Northern Cape, bought the second highest priced ram for R19 000.  The 748 ewes on sale fetched an average of R990, with the highest price being R1 410 and the lowest R910 per ewe. Approximately 300 visitors attended the Konsortium Spring sale, with 145 buyers registering.

Price range Total of rams sold
R1000 - R3000  3
R3100 - R5000  74
R5100 - R7000  33
R7100 - R10 000  23
R10 100 - R15 000  7
R15 000 +  4
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