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Another SA record - 333 rams sold!

On 21 February another SA record was broken on Konsortium-Merino home turf. At their 24th production sale, the group set a new SA record by selling the most rams on a Merino auction. Of the 377 rams on offer, 333 were sold at an average price of R5 230. The previous record was 314 rams sold by Konsortium-Merino in September 2010.

In total 1 122 rams, selected from a group of about 3 500 ram lambs born, were entered for the 24th production sale and tested under natural veldt conditions. Eventually only 377 were selected for the auction. This is barely 11% of the original group. “We are not chasing numbers. Mother Nature classes our sheep and then the final hand/eye selection is very strict to ensure good quality,” says Gawie van Heerden, Konsortium-Merino breeder.

Nelis and Delphius Symington of Van der Waltskraal, Sutherland, paid R37 000 for the most expensive ram – a poll. The 1 346 ewes sold for an average price of R1 136 with the highest price of R1 600 per ewe being paid for pregnant, branded ewes.

On the five auctions held in February this year, 670 rams were on sale and 613 were sold for an average of R5 022.

Konsortium-Merino is also proud of their SA record for turnover. This is for 285 Merino rams sold at an average price of R 6 272 at the group's 23rd sale in September 2012. The group has broken the SA record for turnover eight times since their first sale in 2001.

About 300 visitors from all corners of the country attend the annual auctions held on Dombietersfontein. The Konsortium-Merino buyers bear testimony to their sheep says Van Heerden. “They are loyal customers who come back year after year for more.” 

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