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Another sheep specialist

Another sheep specialist

Konsortium-Merino has appointed its second sheep specialist. Tommie Calldo will join Cobus Vivier in ensuring the quality and standard of our farmers stock is such, that the genetics, wool and meat can confidently be purchased on the open market.

The Konsortium-Merino advisor is essentially the brand manager. He has to establish and protect the Konsortium type on the farms of the members, for the benefit of everyone who joins the Konsortium family. By using special ear tags, the advisor identifies the brand ewes, approved ewes and the Konsortium slaughter stock and markets them as such. The advisor also helps the farmers with, amongst other, the selection of ewes and rams and advises them on flock management.

Tommie was previously employed by CMW. He is an enthusiastic hunter and is very knowledgeable as regards predator control. He has a passion for sheep, is married to Nel-Marie and is the father of a newborn daughter, Alé.
Konsortium-Merino is the first Merino stud in South Africa to appoint its own client advisors and in doing so, adding value to the businesses of their farmers. Cobus Vivier has been advising farmers since September 2007, helping them improve their flocks to conform to the Konsortium brand standards.

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