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Our very own Konsortium-Merino creep feed

At birth, a lamb is anatomically a ruminant, but functions as if it were monogastric and is therefore not capable of utilizing roughage or foods containing NPN. As the lamb grows and matures it must undergo reticulorumenomasal growth, including increases in volume and muscle lining. Depending on the quality and type of food that it consumes, the rumen and the reticulum will thicken and the papillae develop and an active microbe population will be established making the lamb less dependent on milk.

The success of any early weaning creep feed system is thus measured by the ability of the creep feed to satisfy the nutritive requirements of the young lamb and to stimulate the quantity and length of the rumen papillae as well as the microbial population. The ration or creep feed should:

  • Contain a high quality bypass protein and essential amino acids;
  • Include carbohydrates in the from of lactose and glucose and the fat content should be of the highest quality;
  • Contain essential vitamins , especially B-vitamins and carotene;
  • Only contain high quality roughage such as lucerne and a low percentage of fibre;
  • Contain adequate minerals and trace elements (preferably in an organic/highly digestible from) and possibly an antibiotic;
  • Contain the correct Ca:P ratio;
  • Be palatable, fresh and dry when fed.

The Konsortium-Merino creep feed meets all the requirements. It is produced by Lubern Voere and is available nationwide at the following co-ops: GWK, KLK, CAPE AGRI, SUIDWES (WESMARK) AGRI, KVB, OVK, and SENWES branches. It will also be available at Overberg Agri and Sentraal-Suid Kooperasie (Swellendam).

Farmers must enquire from their local co-ops and ensure that there is adequate stock. If you have any queries please contact Lubbe Jacobs of Lubern Feeds at 0826107491 or Urbanus Badenhorst at 0726102223.

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