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New ear tags

Konsortium-Merino has a new ear tag which promises to be more user-friendly.

The logo, birth date and reproduction data is on the top (male) and the producer number on the inside of the ear on the button (female). All the info is printed – the farmer does not have to write on the tag anymore. Each Konsortium-Merino member is supplied with a tag applicator, worth R500 and is also given the male part of the tag. Our members have to buy their own buttons @ R1,80 each. These can be ordered from the Konsortium office. Please ensure that you have adequate stock when Viv, Edwin or Tommie class your ewes.

To save costs, the buttons will all be pink. Only the males will be available in pink and purple. The tags will be supplied by Allflex. They have undertaken to test an electronic ear tag with us which will enable traceability of our products in the future.

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