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8th SA record

Konsortium-Merino set a new South African record for turnover at a Merino ram sale for the eighth time at their 23rd production sale. In total 285 rams were sold for an average of R6 272 resulting in the new record turnover of R1 787 600.

The first time that this group managed to better the record turnover for a Merino ram sale in SA, was at their 12th production sale. Their turnover of R1 117 150 then, was only the second time in the history of Merino ram sales that the R1 million mark had been surpassed. The previous highest was in 1989, when 247 rams from 46 breeders were sold at an average of R4 263 and a total of R1 053 050. Since then Konsortium have bettered the record six times in a row: February 2007, September 2007, February 2008, September 2008, February 2009 and September 2009. The seventh time was in February 2012 with a new record turnover of R1 632 650.

At their 23rd sale on 6th September 2012, on the farm Dombietersfontein, Victoria West, their turnover of R1 787 600 once again made the record books. Konsortium-Merino also holds the record for the most rams sold on a Merino ram sale – 314 rams sold by the group in September 2010.

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