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Much more than you expect

"They're not nearly as good as what you made out......they're much better." These are the words of Koos Meiring of Dewetsdorp apropos his Konsortium-Merinos.

Like most first time buyers, Koos was also sceptical about the Konsortium-Merino. Today he knows better and is convinced that they are the best, offering fertility, growth, carcass and good quality, long wool.

Testimony to how clients feel about the Konsortium-Merino is reflected in the fact that they keep coming back for more. Jakkie Nel of Somerset East always thought that he farmed on poor ground, but these days he is also able to rear lambs that weigh 40kg at seven months. His BFH line is now an AFH and, on average, he shears 1kg more wool per hogget. The rams really surprise him - "They're in as good condition when I remove them from the ewes as they were when I put them in."

Piet Roux of Hofmeyer wishes he could show his lambs to everyone. They have beautiful, strong, open heads and good robust constitution.

Joggie van den Berg of Dewetsdorp is over the moon with his April lambs. He marketed them in November 2004 and this group of 700 slaughtered out 47% and averaged 20,8kg on the hook. "There is no comparison between these sheep and what I used to farm with."

His weaners now weigh 7kg more than in the past and his fertility and conception are better than ever. Konsortium breeding has pushed his lambing percentage up to 110% and "because they are such an easy care sheep, I now wean at least 100%"

The Konsortium's larger, plainer-bodied Merino is often criticised by the opposition for shearing too little wool. However, Joggie says that he now runs less sheep but shears more wool because every eight months he shears an A- or a good B length.

"I was just as 'moedeloos' (despondent) as my sheep. Now I enjoy my farming" says Stefan Scholtz of Victoria West, after the infusion of Konsortium-Merinos into his flock.

The Konsortium team is striving to fulfill the demands of their clients for more rams at affordable prices.


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