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International demand for Konsortium-wool

International demand for Konsortium-wool

In an attempt to make wool buyers and processors in the textile industry aware of Konsortium-Merino, Gawie and Madelaine van Heerden attended the 79th congress of the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) in Paris, France. A brochure was designed to market our “together we offer more” story effectively. The emphasis was on our naturally produced wool & meat -100% mules free.

From 3 to 5 May 2010 the Dombietersfontein team rubbed shoulders with interested parties in the wool industry and tried to convince them to, in future, ask for Konsortium wool from South Africa, because it is quality and quantity and supported by a “green” story.

Because of their mulesing practices, Australian wool has become taboo worldwide. This practice is viewed as inhumane, especially by the Europeans. At the IWTO congress people were very vocal in expressing their distaste which suited KM down to the ground. According to SMZA the introduction of KM wool at the IWTO congress was perfect timing, because the world market is looking for environmentally friendly produced wool.

Since their return, the Van Heerden’s and SMZA have had a wonderful reaction to their marketing in Paris. Directly after the congress SMZA visited their European clients and were pleasantly surprised at the interest shown in our product. Today we are proud to say: “countries abroad are aware of Konsortium-Merino and are inquiring about us”. SMZA has already had an order for KM sliver tops and is busy with the production thereof. The ball is now firmly in our court. The challenge is to produce sufficient wool that complies with “green” standards for SMZA to market.

Our mules free clips require official certification. To strengthen our cause we require all Konsortium farmers who are striving to comply with the Code of Best Practices (COBP) on their farms, but have not yet signed the COBP, to do so as quickly as possible. This will not only improve the marketability of their Konsortium-Merino wool but will also add to the momentum of the groundwork done in France.

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