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Konsortium-Merino woollen jacket

Konsortium-Merino woollen jacket

Soon Konsortium farmers will be donning their own woollen jackets. The jackets are being especially handmade in SA from Konsortium-Merino wool. Not only are we providing jobs, but the making of clothes, a dying craft in South Africa, is also being encouraged.

Two tailors have already been signed up. Each makes about one fitted jacket per day according to each ones measurements. They do quality work and the final product is outstanding. Hopefully we will be able to muster more tailors for this project so that we can all buy our own KM woollen jacket at our 20th production sale in Feb 2011. The jackets will be available in various fabric designs and will retail at R850. Please call Nelmarie at 082 307 6921 to place your order.

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