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R445 000 plus saved

Since July 2009, Konsortium-Merino farmers have saved themselvesmore than R445 000 simply by sending their wool to Segard Masurel South Africa (SMZA).

According to Vink Venter from SMZA, there is an average saving of R114 per bale and in certain instances as much as 2.9% commission. This can be attributed to the higher price and the fact that SMZA has a ceiling of R165 deductible per 150kg bale. About 8% of the wool is delivered directly to SMZA for processing at their Cape of Good Hope Wool Combers Mill in Uitenhage and 92% is sold on the SMZA auctions.

Vink says “A definite positive reaction can be observed amongst the wool buyers in the Wool Exchange when a KM clip is being auctioned. KM genetics greatly enhance the quality of the clip resulting in quite substantial financial gains for the producer." Before an auction, the wool buyers assess the wool samples on display. Here the superior quality, length and clean yield of the KM clips are noticeable when compared to the old traditional ones. KM clips are clearly identified in the SMZA catalogue.

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