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The best auction ever!

The best auction ever!

Sold out! That was the case at the 17th production sale of Konsortium-Merino, held on 3 September 2009 at Dombietersfontein, Victoria West. The 310 rams on auction were all sold at an average price of R5 199 for yet another SA record turnover for a Merino ram sale.

Fanie Griesel, Springfontein says “the auction was a winner.” The marketing slogan, Seeing is believing, struck a chord with all the rams being sold and at higher prices than before. Even so, there were still 150 good rams (on the Helmsman section of the Konsortium sale) for the flock farmer to buy, at an affordable average of R3 500.

The highest price was R34 000. This was paid by brothers Hennie and Isak van Heerden and Jannie Olivier – all from Victoria West. Boetie van der Westhuizen and Melt van den Heever, from Loxton, joined forces to purchase the second highest priced ram for R28 000. The 722 ewes on the auction averaged R934 each with the highest price being R1 025 for two tooth Konsortium branded ewes.

This was the first auction the group held without the help of a broker after BKB elected not to do the sale anymore. Their announcement was made in June 2009, shortly after the first Konsortium farmers delivered their wool to Segard Masurel. Karoo Vleisboere Koöperasie (KVB) from Victoria-West jumped at the opportunity to administer the sale and Jakkie Nel, Konsortium-Merino farmer mentor from Somerset East, was the auctioneer.

Kiepie Pienaar, Dewetsdorp, noted that private initiative triumphed. “The rams were tops, the auction was professionally staged and the service was excellent.” He was surprised at all the new buyers present – proof that Konsortium-Merino is making inroads in the industry.

Braam Coetzee, managing director of Konsortium-Merino, says that the auction was unbelievable. He attributes the group’s success to a good product, hard work and extensive marketing. Konsortium personally visit their clients and when a farmer joins the group, Konsortium adds value to his farming through, amongst other things, ram and ewe selection, flock management, flock monitoring and access to comparable figures. “Our clients are excited about Konsortium-Merino. The fact that demand is outstripping supply is proof that they are eager to use our rams. As flocks improve countrywide, confidence in our rams is growing and client numbers keep increasing.”

Konsortium-Merino sells the most Merino rams on official auctions in SA annually. The group sold 683 rams on the three auctions held this year. They believe in rams adapted to veld conditions and therefore the ram lambs are subjected to natural veld conditions during performance testing. Mother Nature is responsible for the first classing and thereafter, Phil van der Merwe and Cobus Vivier, two top sheep and wool advisors make their selection. The group starts off with about 1 500 ram lambs and offer approximately 350 on the auction. Hand and eye evaluation and performance data are used to select the best rams for the auction.

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