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On Everyone's Lips

On nine production sales, they have sold more than 1000 rams! The success of these breeders, has got everyone talking. On the 16th February 2006, Konsortium-Merino will be offering progeny from their 2004 SA Grand Champion for Measured Production, Windsor, for the very first time.

At their previous nine sales, Konsortium-Merino offered 1 117 rams of which 1 116 were sold. 42% (470) of these rams sold for R3 000 and less. What a thrill, when visiting clients, to see these rams outclassing others in a group!

A visit to Stefan Scholtz of Victoria-West, once again proved that a Konsortium ram does not have to be expensive to be worthwhile. Rams which Stefan bought at floor price (R1 500) in Feb 2005, are not shown up by the more expensive one's in his kraal. "These rams grow without a grain of feed. I even selected a stud ram amongst them."

Hoffman-boerdery from Dewetsdorp are of the opinion that the Konsortium-Merino's meat characteristics are exceptional and that this types wool quality, especially the length, is a plus for the industry. Brothers, Sias and Piet, can testify to a flock of 840 lambs (approx. 10 months old) which recently slaughtered out 21,5kg average. "Konsortium-Merino's are excellent for feedlotting. They grow with a bang." Sias says that the rams on the 9th production sale in Sept 2005, were an absolute picture - the best he has ever seen.

Kiepie Pienaar of Dewetsdorp bought his first Konsortium-Merino ram in 1999. "My sheep are bigger and plainer. I battled to get my ewes to 50 kg, but now they average 58-60kg." Reproduction has improved so much that he now gets 109% lambs from ewes mated. The flock's weaning weight has risen from 26kg to approximately 31kg.

Kiepie only farms with ewes, which he monitors carefully. Every eight months he averages 3.75kg of wool per sheep (lambs included). Taken over a twelve month period, this equates to 4.88kg per sheep. His average micron has improved from 21.6 to 20.4. His hogget wool tests 17.2 microns. He has no doubts - "I made the right decision to go with Konsortium-Merinos."

"Our clients are our best advert - they come back time and again for more rams" say the Konsortium breeders. Their wish for 2006 - "May the Konsortium-Merinos bring joy and prosperity wherever they roam."

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