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Konsortium rams in Australia

Since its inception 11 years ago, Konsortium-Merino has evolved as one of South Africa's greatest Merino success stories. Now they have spread their wings to Australia. There is great excitement about the Konsortium rams that will soon be available Down Under.

As a result of a joint venture between Konsortium-Merino and Multi Purpose Merino (MPM), the first Konsortium Merino rams will be on sale on 3 October 2007 at Glendemar MPM, Marnoo, and on 11 October 2007 at Moojepin MPM, Katanning.

MPM is a new, exciting and very different approach to breeding merino sheep in Australia. MPM commercial sheep breeders derive their income from four things: high quality wool, wrinkle free skins, lean red meat and quality surplus sheep.

David Thompson of Moojepin MPM says "Konsortium genetics will revolutionize the breeding of Merino sheep in Australia. Here is a type of Merino with a body shape unlike any Merino I have ever seen. I believe it is the ultimate Merino - particularly regarding traits such as bone structure, depth of body, good feet and strong, open heads. All this, plus: long, soft, low micron wool of very high quality on a wrinkle free skin."

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