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Huge offering on 12th sale

Konsortium-Merino promise at least 200 Merino rams on their 12th production sale - without compromising quality. This is a huge offering when compared to the South African average of 47 rams, for the 60 Merino sales held in 2006.

A total of 305, of the approximately 1 500 Konsortium ram lambs born in Spring 2005, were entered for the forthcoming sale to be held on 15 February 2007. As usual only the top Merino ram lambs were selected for this milestone sale, by Phil van der Merwe, stud advisor. In January 2007 Cobus Vivier, Braam Coetzee, Willie Kotze and Louis Hayward, all from BKB, did the final classing.

The last time that more than 200 Merino rams were on sale in South Africa, was in 1990 at the Bloemfontein Spring sale. Eventually 180 rams, from 43 breeders, were sold.

For the past 12 years no one has been able to better Konsortium-Merino's ram sales. In February 2006 they offered and sold 163 rams. In February 2005 Konsortium sold 161 rams at an average price of R3 106 and in September 2004 the 153 rams on offer, were eagerly snapped up.

This group of five Merino breeders have managed to sell 1 423 rams at their eleven production sales held since the first one in February 2001. They will endeavour to increase the numbers for sale, as long as they do not forfeit quality. This increase is due to increased pressure from the flock farmers who want more rams at more affordable prices.

Hendrik Ackerman from Richmond says "The interest in the Konsortium-Merino is growing rapidly. There seems to be an insatiable hunger for Konsortium rams." He attributes this to the quality product on offer and also to the excellent service that Konsortium-Merino offers the industry. "How many Merino farmers are aware that Konsortium visits their ram clients throughout the country to discuss and evaluate the performance of their rams. Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to the Konsortium."

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