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Product & passion the best in 3 nations

Product & passion the best in 3 nations

I travel three nations and this is the best sale I have ever experienced. I am impressed by Konsortium-Merino's product, branding and passion. In terms of genetics, no one in Australia, New Zealand or South Africa can beat them, says Ian Walsh of the Falkirk Scientific Foundation in New Zealand, who specialises in the physiology of animals.

Ian visited Konsortium's 11th production sale in September 2006 and took the time to measure our stud ram's meat yield and quality by means of ultra-sound technology. He believes that Konsortium's genetics can enable the Merino to retain its strength as a breed : " because with Konsortium Merinos there is no need to cross breed."  Here he is with Sheffield, a stud ram that attracted his attention.

The Falkirk Index System defines the actual composition of an animal, accrediting the growth to bone-fat-meat ratio into an index that reflects potential genetic value and production use. 


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