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Marlow and Konsortium take hands

In 2007 Marlow Agricultural School, situated on the outskirts of Cradock, will be presenting it's first Konsortium-Merino sale. Marlow farm manager, Charl Naude, is hoping to offer 50 rams for sale on the day.

Approximately 25 rams, Konsortium progeny of the school's Merino flock, and about 25 pure bred Konsortium rams, will be auctioned at the Marlow clubhouse on 23 February 2007 at 14:00. The Konsortium rams will be relocated to Marlow about 6 months before the sale, when they are a year old. It is important that all the rams on offer are subjected to the same conditions, in preparation for the sale.

The first steps towards this sale were taken in April 2005, when the whole Marlow stud of approximately 500 ewes, were artificially inseminated with semen from 10 Konsortium stud rams. On 19 April 2006 this procedure was repeated again.

"We have made our very best genetics available to them free of charge," says Gawie van Heerden, Konsortium breeder. He is very excited about this new partnership. Not only does this give the Konsortium the opportunity to work together with the young farmers of tomorrow, but also to improve the Marlow stud and to make Konsortium rams more easily accessible to the farmers from the Cradock area.

Marlow strives to sell top quality Merino's. They want to align themselves with the Konsortium - breeding and producing fertile Merino's with a good constitution with quality wool. Rams from the Konsortium group have faired very well on the school's annual auctions. Flock farmers in the Cradock area who have bought Konsortium rams, enthusiastically testify to the advances being made. This further encouraged Charl to approach Konsortium for this joint farming venture.

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