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Largest Merino progeny test thus far

More than 3 100 Merino ewes and 15 Konsortium-rams were part of the largest Merino progeny test tackled in the South African Merino-industry to date. The Konsortium-breeders eagerly go to these lengths to identify the superior genetic sires.

The progeny were evaluated in three groups. The project managers were John Luscombe, Konsortium-breeder, Barry Griesel of Trio-Merino′s near Springfontein, and Willouw van Heerden from Wolwekuil , Victoria -West.

The ewes were mated between March and May 2003. They lambed from August to September and were weaned between January and March 2004. As year-olds they were performance tested and visually evaluated by independent breed inspectors as regards 11 wool and conformation qualities.

Besides this large project, Konsortium-rams are also involved in six other Merino progeny tests that run to fruition from September 2003 till August 2004. These include a progeny test at Marlow agricultural school near Cradock, and two in the Calvinia district.

Konsortium-Merino whole-heartedly supports this initiative of Merino SA to identify genetically superior sires, thereby enhancing the value of their flocks.

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