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Gold rams are top sires

The Konsortium has 24 gold merit rams, fifteen of which qualify for the SA TOP 60 sires.

On the December 2005 Bayer ratings, which ranks sires entered into the national Merino progeny testing scheme, Konsortium has five rams under the TOP 20. Four of these rams: Staal, Bargain, Brille and Windsor have a relative economic value (Rev) of more than R40.

A gold sire's breeding values are expressed as expected progeny differences (EPD?s) and are based on the performance of the sire's progeny. The average of all the gold rams' EPD's is zero (0). A Rev of R40 indicates that a farmer will earn R40 per lamb more from a ram's progeny, than he would have earned from the 16 500+ lambs of 517 sires already tested.

Progeny of the Konsortium gold rams: Windsor and Max will be for sale on the tenth production sale on 16 February 2006.

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