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Konsortium offers more

For an annual fee of just R6 per ewe, the Konsortium Company provides a comprehensive service and safety net for its farmers. This includes:

  • top Merino genetics;
  • a 10% discount on all Konsortium-Merino rams bought;
  • Konsortium expertise, which should have a positive impact on finances;
  • advice regarding ewe and ram selection and the management of the flock;
  • monitoring progress by means of a simple computer programme, which measures the performance of the flock so that farmers can keep track of their production and improvement;
  • a reputable, quality brand earning you premium prices;
  • the marketing of approved ewes under the Konsortium-Merino brand;
  • the marketing of wool under the brand; and
  • the marketing of meat under the brand.

All wool farmers are welcome to make use of the Konsortium advisory service. The contract is completely voluntary and is renewed annually.

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