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KM Production sales

Two Konsortium-Merino production sales

Performance tested veld Merino rams, as well as stud and flock ewes, are on offer at our bi-annual production sales. They take place on:

  • the third Thursday in February, and
  • the first Thursday in September.

The rams can be viewed from 16:00 on the day prior to the sale, and from 08:00 on the day of the sale.

On the day prior to the sale Cobus Vivier, stud adviser, evaluates every ram's wool and conformation qualities and discusses it with prospective buyers. To assist buyers in their choices, he grades the rams as stud, flock or selected rams.

The sales lure buyers countrywide. They are renowned for the outstanding quality of the rams, excellent facilities, brisk demand and bidding, and the professional way in which the sales are conducted. Breeders come from as far afield as Riviersonderend in the south, Barkley East in the east, Calvinia in the west, Volksrust in the north and especially from the Free State.


"I travel three nations and this is the best sale I have ever experienced. I am impressed by Konsortium-Merino's product, branding and passion. In terms of genetics, no one in Australia, New Zealand or South Africa can beat them. Konsortium-genetics can position the Merino to retain its strength as a breed - with Konsortium there is no need to cross breed."
Ian Walsh, Falkirk Scientific Foundation, New Zealand (2006)

"This is not a sale that can be described to anyone - it has to be experienced."
Piet Barnhoorn, Noodhulp, Middelburg (2006)

“The word ‘sale’ does not actually do justice to this occasion. It is rather a Merino extravaganza that gives you that true under the skin Merino-feeling. In this way the Merino will triumph as flagship of our small stock industry. Very noticeable, is the exceptional depth and quality of this offering. It is accompanied by full performance test data and presented professionally.”
Jacobus le Roux, former breed director, Merino SA (2002)

“This is an offering of which the SA wool industry can be proud.”
Jimmy Maritz, former manager public relations, BKB (2003)

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