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Farmer mentors

In Konsortium-Merino’s (KM) quest to find a method of assisting all our farmers with help and advice, we decided to appoint mentor farmers who could share their practical farming experience with other farmers in the group. A few farmers are already in position. The aim is to eventually have several mentors working with KM throughout the country.

These mentor farmers have the same responsibility as Konsortium-Merino's client advisors. They must establish and protect the Konsortium-type on our member’s farms to benefit all who join the Konsortium family. Using special eartags, the mentors will eventually have identified the brand ewes, the selected ewes and the Konsortium slaughter stock and will then market them as such.

Amongst other things, they will be able to assist farmers with ewe selection, the choice of rams and give advice regarding flock management. With the help of a simple computer programme Konsortium flocks will be able to measure performance and monitor production and progress.

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