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Client advisors

Konsortium-Merino (KM) is the first Merino stud in South Africa to appoint its own client advisors to add value to the farming enterprises of their farmers. The company’s first advisor was appointed in September 2007 and later more experts were contracted to assist farmers in improving their flocks, to comply with Konsortium brand standards.

  • Cobus Vivier, client advisor for Konsortium-Merino, insures quality standards in the Free State and North Eastern Cape, so that buyers can confidently purchase Konsortium genetics, wool and meat.
  • Phil van der Merwe, KM stud advisor (Victoria-West), also assists farmers in the Karoo.
  • Braam Coetzee (Cradock), advises Konsortium farmers in the Eastern Cape.

The advisor’s main function is to manage the Konsortium-Merino brand. He will establish and maintain the Konsortium type on your farm for the benefit of the whole Konsortium family. With the use of special ear tags, he will duly identify brand ewes, approved ewes and Konsortium slaughter stock and will market them as such.

Amongst other things, the advisor helps clients with their ewe selection, choice of rams and give advice regarding flock management. With the aid of a simple computer programme, designed to measure the performance of Merino flocks, the advisor will assist farmers to keep track of their production and progress.

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