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This is reason enough to consider a Konsortium-ram for your stud or flock:

  • The Konsortium-partnership takes the guesswork out of Merino breeding with specific individual matings of as many as 6000 stud ewes annually. This ensures a wide choice of top quality rams for the market.
  • Two flagship sales are held each February and September on the farm Dombietersfontein. About 350 - 400 rams are on offer on each of these production sales.
  • Another 500 Konsortium-rams can be bought at the following 5 sales in January and February each year: Felton sale, Dordrecht, Marlow sale, Cradock, the South Freestate sale, Gariep dam and the Steynsburg sale.
  • Only the progeny of top structure stud ewes, which boast good conformation and wool qualities, are put on sale.
  • Visits to hundreds of buyers over the past six years confirm the Konsortium-ram’s positive impact on other flocks.
  • Commercial breeders are especially excited about the improvement of their type (conformation & carcass) and wool (micron, length and quality) since using Konsortium-rams.
  • With all the positive testimony, the breeders guarantee the use of their Merino’s will ensure progress and increased profits.
  • This adaptable Merino ensures growth and consequently size.
  • Thanks to improved growth and conformation, a farmer can market his Merino lambs earlier.
  • Under normal circumstances a five-month-old wether lamb weighs 18 to 20 kg on the hook, off natural veld. (heavier under high feed plain)
  • The Konsortium-Merino’s carcass competes well with mutton breeds.
  • This dual-purpose sheep eliminates the need to cross-breed.
  • The Konsortium-Merino's fleece is an export product of quality.
  • Wool length is such that a farmer can shear an A or good B-length every eight months.
  • Low micron with good clean yield and comfort factor furthermore ensure that buyers pay a premium for this wool.
  • Konsortium-breeding improves a farmer’s lambing percentages to such an extent that he has surplus stock for sale.
  • The surplus stock is of a uniform type, which can be marketed for commercial farming.
  • This plain-bodied Merino’s high weaning percentages result in more maidens of quality being selected. This enables farmers to sell ewes after only four lambing seasons. Slaughtering value is thus transformed into farming value.
  • Konsortium adds value to their product by delivering an advisor service to their farmers.
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