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    Buy Konsortium-Merino ewe units. It is a safe investment in livestock, without having to be involved in the administration thereof...

  • Changing gears from price taker to price maker


    Prof. Eckart Kassier predicted in 1994 there would only be 30 000 farmers on the land by 2014. Back then, many farmers thought he had lost it, but today that is all we are. Decline is inevitable unless...

  • Felton 2014 highest priceFelton 2014 highest price picture
  • Think BIG


    In 2013 Konsortium-Merino sold a massive 891 rams under their brand on six auctions at an average price of R5 363. This is more than 23% of Merino SA's ram sales.

  • Faith like woolFaith like wool picture

    Angus Buchan, parading his 100% proudly South African, Konsortium-Merino wool jacket, with joy.

  • Another SA record - 333 rams sold!


    On 21 February another SA record was broken on Konsortium-Merino home turf. At their 24th production sale, the group set a new SA record by selling the most rams on a Merino auction.

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One big family

To date, 130 farmers, with about 243 000 Merino ewes, have signed up with Konsortium-Merino. The goal, says Braam Coetzee, managing director, is to have 600 000 ewes by 2019.

Konsortium is already being approached by businesses who sees the potential and wants to discuss terms of co-operation and possible premiums. However, the company is in no hurry. “For this venture to be successful in the long run, we need to get our structures in place and build up sufficient numbers to be able to negotiate from a position of strength.”

Each signed up farmer is now part of the bigger Konsortium picture - an integral part of the Konsortium puzzle. How apt the Konsortium slogan: “Together we offer more…”

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