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  • Highest price R80 000Highest price R80 000 picture

    At Konsortium-Merino's 30th sale, 18 February 2016, this ram fetched the highest price ever paid for a Konsortium ram: R80 000.

  • Better SA record at 32nd saleBetter SA record at 32nd sale picture

    At Konsortium-Merino's 32nd production sale all 353 rams were sold at an average of R8 418 to better their current SA record for turnover to R2 971 400.

  • Invest in ewe unitsInvest in ewe units picture

    Buy Konsortium-Merino ewe units. It is a safe investment in livestock, without having to be involved in the administration thereof...

  • Changing gears from price taker to price maker


    Prof. Eckart Kassier predicted in 1994 there would only be 30 000 farmers on the land by 2014. Back then, many farmers thought he had lost it, but today that is all we are. Decline is inevitable unless...

  • Faith like woolFaith like wool picture

    Angus Buchan, parading his 100% proudly South African, Konsortium-Merino wool jacket, with joy.

  • From sheep to shop


    Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving...

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Farmer-owned businesses have many advantages for producers


a translation from an article by Charles Smith in Landbou Volksblad

Farmer-owned bussinesses has become the new buzzword. These operations are seen as enterprises where farmers can have better access to markets, produce larger volumes, reduce costs and reduce risk.

Lize Terblanche from the department of agricultural economics at the University of the Free State, says that farmer controlled businesses and groups have a much greater chance of success. Such farmers can purchase equipment together, farm more efficiently, obtain outside finance, have access to better market info and can appoint their own veterinarian. Within the group they can share each others expertise and advice. The farmers must focus on quality, traceability and quantity.

Mr. Koos Pienaar of the Milk Producers Organisation in the Freestate says as a group of farmers can negotiate for better prices and deliver a better product to their clients quicker.

Konsortium-Merino from Victoria West in the Karoo is a company of Merino breeders which is making it’s top genetics available to an ever increasing number of members. They already have more than 100 members with 170 000 ewes. Their aim is to increase the number of ewes to 1,5 million by 2019. Konsortium-Merino sells the most merino rams in the country.

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