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  • Highest price R80 000Highest price R80 000 picture

    At Konsortium-Merino's 30th sale, 18 February 2016, this ram fetched the highest price ever paid for a Konsortium ram: R80 000.

  • Better SA record at 32nd saleBetter SA record at 32nd sale picture

    At Konsortium-Merino's 32nd production sale all 353 rams were sold at an average of R8 418 to better their current SA record for turnover to R2 971 400.

  • Invest in ewe unitsInvest in ewe units picture

    Buy Konsortium-Merino ewe units. It is a safe investment in livestock, without having to be involved in the administration thereof...

  • Changing gears from price taker to price maker


    Prof. Eckart Kassier predicted in 1994 there would only be 30 000 farmers on the land by 2014. Back then, many farmers thought he had lost it, but today that is all we are. Decline is inevitable unless...

  • Faith like woolFaith like wool picture

    Angus Buchan, parading his 100% proudly South African, Konsortium-Merino wool jacket, with joy.

  • From sheep to shop


    Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving...

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The most rams in 10 years

Konsortium-Merino first managed to equal, and then better the record, for the most rams sold on a Merino sale in South Africa.

The 153 rams on offer at the seventh Konsortium-Merino production sale, sold for an average of R4 970. Prior to that, the most rams sold during the past decade, were 153 rams sold in 1996 for an average of R1 790 at the Southern Cape group auction. On their eigth production sale, the Konsortium group surpassed this milestone by selling 161 rams at an average of R3 106.

The veldram club which boasts the highest sales for the past 10 years, is the Karoo club which sold 116 of the 159 on offer in 1997. In 1952, in the good old days, the official Bloemfontein Spring sale had 965 rams for sale. The most rams ever sold, were 874 of the 956 rams on offer, bred by 99 breeders, in Aug 1957.

In the 1970's the Bloemfontein Spring and Autumn offerings gradually declined. In 1979 they sold 289 and 199 of the 294 and 217 respectively. The highest offerings for the past 10 years were 150 (Spring 1996) and 170 (Autumn 1996) of which 114 and 130 were sold. Subsequently, the Bloemfontein sale has ceased to exist.

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